1. Attitudes of Alternative Diet Followers Towards Purchasing Local Products

Barna, Fédra – Bauerné Gáthy, Andrea – Kovács, Bence – Szakály, Zoltán

Earth’s population has been growing steadily over the last centuries, with increasing demand for food production. For this reason, despite the current technological progress, even more and more cultivated lands are needed. The purpose of our research is to examine the proportion of local products that are being used by those who follow different alternative diets, which can also be used to test the behaviour towards sustainability. In order to reach our goals, we have developed a national survey including 504 Hungarian consumers. The survey consists of several questions about alternative diets, food-oriented lifestyle, and local products. The answers were weighted in order to properly represent the gender distribution of the population and were analysed using descriptive statistics and factor analysis. According to the results, environmental conscious behaviour appears among the alternative diet followers, but for sustainability this is not a sufficient condition. Local products are bought by 82.9% of the respondents. The biggest incentives of buying local products are the origin, the support of local producers / merchants, the reduction of food kilometres, the healthy and natural characteristics of the products, and the positive experiences with local products. In contrast, the reasons why local products are mostly refused by consumers are the facts that they are time consuming and difficult to obtain.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/5/2/1

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2018. 5 (2) 3-15.

Download: 01_Barna – Bauerné Gáthy – Kovács – Szakály_Az alternatív étrendet követők helyi termékek vásárlásához kapcsolódó attitűdjei