2. Testing for Consumer Preferences of Smoked Asian Sea Bass (Barramundi) Filet Products in Hungary

Szűcs, István – Tikász, Ildikó Edit – Karnai, Laura – Stündl, László

The present paper discusses the findings of primary research studies related to the development of smoked fish fillet made of the barramundi fish species into a functional food, connected to product tasting. The study sought to provide information for the target audience, in our case, for consumers in hypermarkets on (1) their certain fish consumption habits, (2) their attitudes towards conscious fish consumption, (3) the reputation of the barramundi brought to the domestic market recently and the related considerations of consumers, and (4) consumers’ perceptions of the latest product development, smoked barramundi enriched with substances of positive nutritional effects (e.g. vitamin complex, pumpkin-seed oil, Gingko biloba extract, Sylibum marianum oil, etc.) Our findings suggest that consumers’ perceptions of the barramundi were positive as they positioned this fish species as an attractive, premium category product. The product development, i.e. the smoked barramundi fillet, as a functional food, was well received by consumers. The target audience had already tasted smoked fish earlier, and they were satisfied with the taste of the new premium product. It is important to stress that the respondents lacked a good understanding of the meaning of “functional foods”; however, they agreed with such kind of product developments. They mostly appreciated the components of functional foods with positive and preventive effects on heart and eye health. On the basis of the research it can be concluded that product development is on the right track, it fulfils all the habits, expectations and demands of the target audience related to fish consumption.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/3/1/2

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2016. 3 (1) 21-36.

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