The whole length of manuscripts (with all tables, figures, pictures and the reference list) shall be between 20 000 and 40 000 characters including spaces.

Manuscripts shall be submitted in Microsoft Word formats – we could not accept any other files (e.g. PDF).

Margins shall be 2,5 cm an all sides, gutter margin 0 cm, header/footer: 1,25 cm, page layout shall be normal, A4 (210x297mm), portrait orientation.

The manuscripts shall be written in 12 pt Georgia fonts, justified.

In the text only the chapter and subchapter numbers and titles, figures, tables and pictures shall be highlighted, these will be formatted in italics in the edited final version. Do not use automatic hyphenation.

Indentation of paragraphs is 0,63 cm in the first line, except in new paragraphs after titles, where no indentation. Lists shall be made with the general listing signs, with an indentation of 0,63 cm. Please do not use tabulators.

Units of measurement shall be used according to the general requirements, one space is required between numbers and units, except in case of percent (%), where the % shall be written without space (e.g. 87.4%). In case of using measurement units such as km2, m3 etc., please use superscripts.

When using dashes, please use the general symbols (– …… –)

For quotation marks please use „ for starting and ” for closing mark.

Main titles shall be written with 12 pt Georgia fonts bold, with capital letters, left aligned, e. g.


First sub-heads 12 pt Georgia fonts, bold, left aligned.

1.1. First sub-head

Further sub-heads 12 pt Georgia fonts, italics left aligned. Please do not use more than three decimals points.

1.1.1. Further sub-head


Tables shall be prepared with 11 pt Georgia fonts, normal, centered. Please do not highlight any elements of the cells. The numbering and title of the tables shall be written above the tables using one empty line after the text. Table titles shall be given with 11 pt, Georgia fonts, bold, centered. Please do not use enter for breaking the lines inside table cells.

Figures shall be given in black&white format using greyscale effects. All elements of figures shall be given in 11pt normal Georgia fonts, left aligned. The numbering and title of figures shall be written under the figures using one empty line after the text. Figure titles shall be given with 11 pt, Georgia, bold, centered.

The source of figures and tables shall be given below the tables and figures with 10 pt Georgia fonts, italics, left aligned. Please do not insert figure titles in the area of figures/diagrams.

If images/photos are inserted in the manuscripts, they shall be given in high resolution, black&white using greyscale effects.

Please attach the original excel manuscripts of figures and tables and the original images/photos to help the editing process. The numbering of images/photos shall be given in the same format as in case of figures.



Title of papers shall be given in 14 pt Georgia fonts, centered, bold capital letters.

After one empty line the authors’ names shall be given in the following way: Family names are with 12 pt Georgia italics capital letters, centered, the given names in lowercase.

After one empty line the authors’ affiliation shall be given with the full address in 10 pt Georgia normal letters, centered. The e-mail address of the first or corresponding author shall be also given.

After one empty line the Abstract shall be inserted, which length could be even longer, giving as much information as needed. The text of the abstract shall be written in 11 pt Georgia fonts, bold, justified.

After one empty line 4-5 keywords shall be given in 10 pt Georgia fonts, normal, left aligned.

The suggested chapters are the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Material and method
  3. Results
  4. Conclusions and suggestions
  5. Summary

Annexes if needed (e. .g questionnaires, other relevant tables etc. If you insert more annexes, please use the numbering with capital A, B, C letters)


In text references shall be given in the following format: one author: (SZAKÁLY, 2011); two authors: (SOÓS and SZAKÁLY, 2012); three or other authors: (SZAKÁLY et al., 2012). The names of authors shall be given with capital letters.

In case of internet sources the short version of URL shall be given (EUROSTAT, 2014).

When more than one sources are cited please use semicolon (SZAKÁLY, 2011; SOÓS and SZAKÁLY, 2012).

When citation is literally please indicate the page number of the cited text as well (SZAKÁLY, 2011:43.)



Formal requirements: formal_requirements_of_The_Hungarian_Journal_of_Nutrition_Marketing_07.27

JEL codes: TM_JEL Classification System