19. Main Characteristics of Table Egg Consumption in Hungary

In the last years many changes occurred in the egg sector in Hungary; the sector’s participants have to face with a number of challenges today as well. Both egg production and consumption decreased significantly in Hungary.
The objectives of present survey are (1) to identify factors which are important for domestic customers in the course of purchase and consumption of table egg and (2) to investigate how informed the consumers are as regards table egg. To examine the aforementioned objectives online inquiry was applied, in pursuance of it 729 appreciable questionnaire put in. 99 percent of respondents consume eggs occasionally or regularly, while 79.1 percent of them buy as well.
The findings suggest that the freshness and soundness of egg the most important factors for the domestic consumers. On the other hand trademark, price of kilogram and colour of egg influence on the decision of customer less.
Present study only focuses on the importance of the factors influencing purchase and consumption, furthermore it introduces the consumers’ opinion on these factors. On the strength of disposable database further examinations are necessary to identify of coherence connected to table egg consumption and purchase.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/1/1-2/19

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2014. 1 (1-2) 133-138.

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