6. The Recognition and the Embeddedness of the TTR Trademark Among the Hungarian Consumers

Török, Áron

The Traditions-Tastes-Regions (TTR) programme has more than 20 years of history, promoting and economically stimulating the traditional and local food products of Hungary. Since 2002 the TTR is a registered trademark and used for product differentiation. At the end of 2018 altogether 92 producers with 176 products had the right to use the trademark. The Geographical Indications Programme – initiated by the Hungarian government in order to increase the number of the Hungarian GI products in the EU register – is also based on the TTR initiative. The demand of the Hungarian traditional food products in general, as well the supply side of the TTR programme is well described by the literature, however the field of the consumers’ relation with the TTR trademark seems to be undiscovered. In spite of this background, this study tries to describe the recognition and the embeddedness of the TTR trademark among the Hungarian consumers. Part of an international survey conducted by the Strength2Food H2020 research project, the TTR trademark was analysed on a sample of 444 Hungarian consumers, retrieved from an online survey. Results suggest that the almost 40% recognition of the TTR trademark significantly exceeds recognition of the EU geographical indications labels. However, only roughly 10% of the consumers seeks purposefully food products with TTR label. Regular buyers of such foods usually seek for meat products. Based on the binomial regression models the recognition of the TTR trademark’s logo is significantly higher among female, older and non-vegetarian consumers with lower income levels. The place of regular purchase is also statistically significant: consumers with regular purchase in organic shops and in short food supply chains (directly from the producer) tend to be more aware of the TTR logo. Regarding the regular consumption of such products we can say that males and consumers shopping in supermarkets and discounters are becoming a frequent buyer of TTR products with a higher probability.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/6/1/6

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2019. 6 (1) 81-97.

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