4. Qualitative Analysis of Consumers’ and Experts’ Perceptions of Energy Drinks

Berencsi, Alexa – Fehér, András

Energy drinks are very popular products, as evidenced by their high soaring market value. However, perceptions surrounding beverages often take extreme forms, both among consumers and experts. Our research aim is to get closer to expert and consumer insights using qualitative methods. The study consisted of three main parts: the first was a netnographic study, while the authors successfully separated 3 online consumer groups. This was followed by a closer examination of each group. We interviewed four prominent representatives from three disciplines, asking about the differences between coffee and energy drinks and their effects on the body. This was followed by an examination of the consumer side through two focus group discussions of 8-8 people. Participants in one group are supporters of consuming energy drinks and in the other group are opponents of consuming energy drinks. Both conversations took place under the same conditions, based on a similar scenario, which included several questions as well as tasks that shaped projective techniques. The results of the research can be attributed to the statement that the assessment of energy drinks contains many contradictory elements, yet those interviewed during the research and the known literature sources all emphasized the importance of moderation.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/7/2/4

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2020. 7 (2) 51-63.

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