6. The Role of Socio-cultural Issues and Traditions Regarding Pork Consumption

Vida, Viktória – Szűcs, István

Examining the pork consumption, the differences in the cultural and religious habits should be mentioned, because pork meat is the most affected in religious restrictions regulations. In this article we present the cultural and religious impact on pork consumption. The religious affiliation/identity is basically determined by the food and consumer habits, too. Due to the differences in dietary habits and religious culture, we think that the consumption of pork can be highly varied from country to country as well. Therefore, examining the data of global pork consumption the conclusion is justified that the pork consumption per capita/year in the world does not give a full and true picture. We try to calculate the corrected pork consumption per capita/year data in the world considering the religious regulations and cultural habits. This corrected data shows a more complete picture about pork consumption in the world.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/3/2/6

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2016. 3 (2) 79-89.

Download: 06_Vida – Szűcs_Társadalmi-kulturális kérdések és a tradíciók szerepe a sertéshúsfogyasztásban