7. Investigation of Some Connections Between the Coronavirus Epidemic and “Acquisition Fever” in Győr

Huszka, Péter – Huszka, Péter Barnabás – Lőre, Vendel

The birth of this publication was generated by the events of today. In the light of the research (and the literature data), it can be stated that the coronavirus epidemic that appeared in Hungary in the spring of 2020 caused panic shopping, and the freedom of choice (abundance of goods) was again replaced by consumer vulnerability like before the years of regime change. The analysis shows that 75 percent of those over the age of 60, while only 62 percent of the members of the youngest age group think it is worth piling up. It is also interesting to note that the main reason for over-buying is the creation of a contingency reserve. Larger store types, mostly with a wide range of goods, were well suited for this. Also, 33,2 % of respondents thought they had bought more to reduce the number of shopping trips (and thus presumably to slow down the spread of the virus).

DOI: 10.20494/TM/7/1/7

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2020. 7 (1) 89-101.

Download: 07_Huszka et al_A koronavírus-járvány és felvásárlási láz néhány összefüggésének vizsgálata Győrben