4. Advertising, Slogan and Superheroes – Persuasion Tools of Children

Barta, Bianka – Szűcs, Róbert Sándor

In our research, we have examined how often children and teenagers sit down in front of television screens and come into contact with television advertisements and other sales promotion tools used by companies. We mostly placed emphasis on brand-related cartoon characters, logos and slogans used by companies. The remembering rate is shockingly high, higher than is case of their parents. We can say that well-placed cartoon characters, logos and colors play a very important role in influencing children. All of these contribute to the development of brand loyalty, which – if develops during childhood – can last an entire lifetime.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/2/2/4

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2015. 2 (2) 47-57.

Download:  04_Barta – Szűcs_Reklámozás, szlogen és szuperhősök – A gyermekek meggyőzésének eszközei