3. The Lifecycle of Consumers in the World of Slogans

Szűcs, Róbert Sándor

Nowadays children face lots of slogans every single day. A good slogan generates feelings. Of course these feelings, brand names and slogans can be placed in mind of children by marketing experts. The remembering rate of slogans is shockingly high, higher than is the case of their parents. We can state that well-placed slogans play a very important role in influencing children. All of these contribute to the development of brand loyalty, which – if it develops during childhood – can last an entire lifetime. My primary research (sample size is 1 222 children and 610 youth and adult) justifies this statement. My research shows the remembering rate of slogans and brand names in case of different foods with high level of fat-, sugar- and/or salt content in the segment of children, youth and adults.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/3/2/3

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2016. 3 (2) 29-40.

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