4. Investigating the Dietary Practice of Students at the University of Debrecen

Karnai, Laura – Szűcs, István

Nowadays, the importance of food in the preservation and restoration of health has become more and more important, as the number of people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and various food allergies is increasing. In many cases, there is a problem with what is the recommended range of foods, and what is (the meaning of) a healthy and health-conscious diet. The focus of our study is on the nutritional habits of young university students, as the health consciousness of this age group plays a prominent role at both domestic and international level. The primary purpose of the research is to map the daily dietary habits university students in Debrecen to the recommendations of the nutritional pyramid of dietary nutrition and good nutrition created by dietitians. The basis of our primary study was the observational procedure by creating a food diary and fill it with the randomly chosen students, during which we could observe the quality and quantity of food consumed by them during their daily meals. On the basis of the results, the dietitians expected and actual food consumption in the case of the target group were able to compared, on the basis of which it can be concluded that the eating habits of the university students of Debrecen fall short of the healthy eating recommendation.

DOI: 10.20494/TM/6/2/4

The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing. 2019. 6 (2) 39-50.

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